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Prakticas Top Ten Tips For Digiscoping

1 - Vignetting
When you first turn on your camera (when connected to the scope) you will notice that the image through the scope will be surrounded by black, this is an effect know as vignetting, to eliminate this, simply apply optical zoom on the camera until the image fills the screen.

2 - Trial and error
It’s worth spending a few minutes correctly lining up the camera to your scope, once you get a crisp circle the camera is lined up. Use your optical zoom to fill the screen with the image.

3 - Take your time
Invest some time in lining up the camera on the adpter. Gently increase the zoom on the camera until all vignetting is eliminated, The camera lens needs to be as close as possible to the eyepiece but make sure the camera lens does not hit the scope eyepiece. Use the rubber around the eyepiece to your advantage by posiotioning the camera lens inside it - this will help avoid any light flair.

4 - Practice makes perfect
Don’t run before you can walk, spend time in your garden, lining up the kit, take pictures of static objects and keep reviewing the image so you can master the technique before moving on to other subjects.

5 - Focus
Use the camera’s LCD screen as your guide to focus a shot, point the scope and locate your subject then gently turn the focus wheel on the scope body until the image appears sharp on the LCD of the camera.

6 - Minimise camera contact
When you take your shot, try to minimise any contact with the camera - the simple motion of you touching the shutter will shake the set-up resulting in motion blur - A remote shutter release cable is recommended.

7 - Movie magic
You can record video through your scope by setting the camera to video mode. We recommend using the 640x480 option to record your videos, that way you will be able to record plenty of footage without filling your SD card too quickly. Videos are ideal for reviewing on your PC or why not publish your efforts to a wider audience on Youtube?

8 - The right conditions
One of the main factors that can affect your digiscoped image is the weather, Good light is essential, it illuminates your subject and will result in faster shutter speeds helping you limit camera shake and motion blur. Strong winds will cause your digiscopng set up to move - and even tiny movements will be magnified which could make your final picture blurred. Try and position yourself with the light source behind you - that way your subject will be well lit and not silhouetted. Dull conditions will vastly increase the risk of blurred images.

9 - Keep it steady
Use a strong, stable tripod to reduce any shake and movement. Remember any camera shake is greatly magnified with telephoto photography resulting in frustrating blurred images. Invest in the best tripod you can afford and ensure you use a video tripod head with fluid motion.

10 - Enjoy it
There are lots of factors that can affect your digiscoped image, don’t get disappointed by unsuccessful digiscoped pictures. Even the best digiscopers out there have to take lots of images in the hope of getting a great image. Don’t be fooled by some of the spectacular images you see on the internet - more than likely they have been improved in image software afterwards. The main thing is to remember to enjoy the whole experience!

"After a phone call to you last Monday I placed an order on line that was subsequently delivered & received on Wednesday.  I just wanted to write & say thank you to you for a great service.  The item was well packaged & delivered to the time promised.."

M. Burrows


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